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Education and Psychology

About the Department of Education & Psychology


To prepare male and female educationalists academically and professionally and to match modern trends of education in order to promote and develop the society.


To prepare educational professionals on all levels and provide academic and cultural services in the area of educational psychology, administration and planning, educational supervision ,guidance and psychological counseling


  1. Prepare male and female students to play their educational and academic roles in the light of local and international standards
  2. Build the ideal character of male and female teachers which is based on the fundamentals and principles of Islamic Education.
  3. Develop students' abilities so as to follow creative teaching.
  4. Provide male and female teachers with psychological and educational principles in order to take care of children, adolescents and youth to achieve mental health, social and personal adjustment to all society members..
  5. Help male and female students specify the principles of psychology of education, make comparison and criticism between different theories of education, train to apply psychological and educational concepts in school and classrooms
  6. Develop student' abilities to understand the relation between the educational institutions and other institutions in the society and help in solving problems