Section Coordinator

Name Fayza Ahmad Ali Youssef
Nationality Egyptian
Gender Female
Date of Birth 23 l10/1977
Place of Birth Kafr Al-Jazeera / asphalt / Western
Social status Married
College Faculty of Education, University of Najran
Department Kindergarten
Position Lecturer
Date of Latest degree
Address  Najran / Faisaliah
Degrees and Qualifications Bachelor of kindergartens, Cairo University
Professional Diploma / Diploma particular Tanta University
MA in Education in Kindergarten
Tanta University
TOEFL English course
Courses in Computer
History of academic and employment career Mdpashrp school years to kindergarten
Learning management Zefta
Grants, and Prizes
Committees Member of the Committee on Cultural Activity
Member of the Commission on environmental activism
Member of the Control of Home Economics
Member of the Strategic Planning Committee, Quality
Conferences and symposia
Courses Decision trends in child-rearing level: the second
Publication and Research of Interest