Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Psychological and Educational Counseling Unit at Najran University


Providing distinguished psychological advisory services to the University students at the local level


Providing advisory services in the psychological and educational fields to students of the University of Najran through preparing programs and specialized courses


The Psychological and Educational Counseling Unit seeks to help students in Najran University solve and understand their problems with the aim to raise a generation capable of  effectively participating in building and developing their country through the following objectives:

1.     Ensuring and highlighting the Psychological and Educational Counseling Unit's role and keenness in providing all forms of support to the students of the University of Najran in a scientific manner with advanced methods.

2.     Providing specialized psychological and social counseling for students suffering from problems through the individual and group counseling sessions.

3.     Developing training courses in the psychological and social counseling field.

4.     Developing counseling and treatment programs for students.

5.     Spread the culture of counseling and asking for help among the university community.

6.     Enhancing cooperation between the university institutions and the society in the fields of counseling and mental health.

7.     Help students deal with the pressures of life and thinking skills, take decisions and solve problems.

8.     Holding forums, conferences and workshops that discuss issues of the mental health and psychological counseling at the scientific and applied levels.

9.     Developing the students' motivation for education and learning.