The Department of Kindergarten offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Major: Kindergarten) to female students studying integrated courses for 8 levels (each level 133 hours).

The Department aims to create a creative teaching and learning environment that helps in developing an education that lasts throughout the different phases of life. It aims at having competent enough female graduates who respect Islamic principles and are able to face world challenges and defend national interests.


  1. Teaching students the importance of this phase in building the child’s personality and interest in learning.
  2. Teaching students the history of kindergartens and their development.
  3. Teaching students the different approaches to the education of pre-school children.
  4. Teaching students the aim of kindergartens and their influence on developing a good personality.
  5. Explaining the physical kindergarten environment (facilities, equipment, programs, and syllabus).
  6. Allowing students to understand, develop, and improve kindergarten programs.
  7. Training students to prepare healthy meals for children.
  8. Allowing students to solve problems related to specific education topics.
  9. Training students to identify children’s diseases and their prevention.
  10. Teaching students educational programs that develop thinking and creativity in children.
  11. Explaining to students the roles of both the family and school in children’s education.
  12. Teaching students learning and teaching strategies.

At graduation, female students are expected to participate actively in the development of the society through practicing different theoretical approaches and dealing with children in kindergartens according to the most recent educational methods.