The faculty was established under the name (Intermediate College for Girls in 1414H) and was affiliated to the Ministry of Education. It used to award a two-year diploma in Arabic Language, Social Sciences, Home Economics, Islamic studies and Mathematics.

In 1421H, the college was developed under the name (Faculty of Education for Female Teachers) and awards a bachelor degree in Arabic Language, English Language, Mathematics, Home Economics, Chemistry, Physics, and a self-study bachelor in Arabic and English Language.

In 1430H, there has been a restructure of Girls Colleges; some of the faculty’s departments have been affiliated to the Faculty of Science and Arts, which are Arabic, English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Now, the faculty consists of the following departments

1. Home Economics
2. Special Education
3. Education and Physiology
4. Curricula and Methodology
5. Kindergarten

The faculty awards a bachelor degree in the department of Home Economics and special Education while the departments of Education and Psychology and Curricula and Methodology are supporting departments, which teach general educational subjects to students. A department of kindergarten will be opened to award a B.A to the female students.