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د حسن الصميلي، كلية المجتمع، جامعة نجران

 Personal data:

Marital status: Married and father of seven children (4 sons and 3 daughters)

Current Work: Associate Professor, Faculty of Education (Najran University)

Email: haed1969@hotmail.com


1- Bachelor of Psychology, Al- Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, very good Grade in 1409 A.H.

2- Diploma in Psychological Guidance and Counseling from Umm Al-Qura University, Excellent Grade, 1416 A.H.

3- Master in Psychology "Psychological Counseling "from Umm Al-Qura University, Excellent with honors 1423 A.H.

4. PhD in Psychology "Psychological Counseling" from the University of Umm Al-Qura with First class Honors Grade and recommending printing and circulating between research centers, local and Arab universities.


• Shield of academic excellence in Psychological Guidance and Counseling Program, Umm Al-Qura University, 1416.

Scientific theses:

1-Master's thesis: "The guidance needs and public concern among a sample of third secondary school students in Jazan.  1423 A.H., 2002 A.D.

2-Doctoral thesis: The effectiveness of the guide rational and emotive program in reducing the chaotic behavior of a sample of high school students, Jazan, 1430 A.H.,  2009 A.D.

  Employment History: 

1-Student advisor and teacher of Psychology and Sociology, Education Office of Jazan, 1410 -1415

2- Full-time study of 'Guidance and Counseling' Diploma in Umm Al Qura University, 1416

3- Supervisor for Guidance and Counseling in General Office of Education in Jazan since 1417.

4- MA student, sponsored by Ministry of Education, 1420

Part-time teacher, the University of Umm Al-Qura, preparation education materials during the master's study, 1420

Ph.D. Student, sponsored by Ministry of Education

Part-time lecturer, University of Umm Al-Qura, preparation of educational materials during doctoral studies, 1424 -1428

General Office of Education, in Jazan, educational supervisor in guidance and counseling management, 1428

Assistant Professor in College of Education, Najran University, 1431

Vice Dean of Community College, 02/12/1432 AH and re-nomination of the same post for two times consecutively.

Vice Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, 1432 until now.


1-Member of the committee of preparing leaders of the educational work, which was hosted by the General Office  of Education, Jazan region , 1423

2- A member of the committee of Teachers' Application for Student Counseling Job, 1429-1430

3- Member of the Higher Committee of student Advisors' Interview, Jazan area, 1430

4-Member of the Applicant interview Committee for teaching assistants and lecturers, College of Education, Najran University

5- Member of the Applicant interview Committee for teaching assistants and lecturers, Community College, Najran University

6- A member of the committee for preparation of the program report, College of Education, First Self-Assessment project

7- Vice Chairman of the Board of Community College

8- Board member of the Department of Education and Psychology

9- Supervisor of educational diplomas in the College of Education for the academic year 1431/1432

10- Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Academic Accreditation (COE) in the Community College, Najran University

11- Chairman of the professional development in a community college within the accreditation requirements of the COE

12- Vice Chairman of the examination Committee, Community College, 1431-1435 AH

13- Member of the Committee of contracts with Jordanian faculty members, 1433

14- Chairman of the Approving the undergraduate program in psychology, College of Education.

15- Member of the Committee of Sharia, administrative colleges and community college as a member of the team of developmental assessment projects

16- Member of the committee of approving master's program in special education, College of Education

17- Member of the General Aptitude Test Committee, High School students, which was held at Najran University for two years, 1431/143

  Community Participation: 

1- Lecture on 'behavior modification techniques' Students' Advisors, 1429.

2- Participation at in Designing of the curriculum, Office of Education, Jazan, 1434 A.H.

3- Referee for many questionnaires of NU Deanship for Development and Quality, researchers and Postgraduate students.