College Vision and Mission


Intellectual, educational, and professional leadership that contributes to building a community of science and knowledge


Providing innovative educational, instructional, and research programs that match the society needs in light of the Islamic principles. 


1-    Commitment

2-    Initiative

3-    Excellence

4-    Perfection

5-    Development

6-    Professional

7-    Reinforcement

8-    Harmonization

9-    Teamwork


1-    To achieve academic programs that can compete internationally within the frame work of Islamic values.

2-    To graduate distinguished students with great efficiency for the future.

3-    To promote the competencies of the teaching staff.

4-    To enhance and invest in university facilities as well as utilizing new technologies.

5-    To improve learn resources in line with the universal standards.

6-    To provide excellent services and support for students.

7-    To develop the financial and administrative systems according to the overall quality standards.

8-    Securing a prosperous professional future for the alumni.

9-    To develop academic research policy to support sustainable development.

10-                       Improving of post-graduate programs.

11-                       Continuous and effective commitment to community service.

12-                       To establish a framework for national, regional, and global cooperation and partnership.